Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sharing Our All About Books

 Children researched using both online resources as well as books from our library. They worked very hard learning about their fascinating animals and are now teaching each other what they have learned.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Animal Research

We have been working very hard researching our animals! We are using both online resources and books to find our information. We are incorporating many non fiction text features into our reports such as headings, bold print, pictures and captions, table of contents, and a glossary. We were introduced to a graphic organizer using the computer called "kidspiration". This tool helps us to organize our information and also make an outline of our information to put into our final reports.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Thank you for coming out to see our first and second grade performance of "People Who make a Difference". The children were fabulous! Our study of people who make a difference continues as we learn about famous and not so famous people who have helped make the world a better place. We have learned about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Jackie Robinson, George Washington, Mahatma Ghandi, William Kamkwamba (a young man who helped his village in Milawi by building the first windmill to produce electricity and pump water during a severe drought), and Betty June Skelton (who became known as the "First Lady of Firsts" and set astonishing records in aviation and auto racing!). We are talking about the different ways people can make a difference and are brainstorming a list of things that we can do to help make a difference too! So far, the children thought of planting more flowers and trees in the community, taking weekly walks to pick up neighborhood trash, and help restaurant owners make food! We will continue to brainstorm ideas and then vote on an idea to pursue.