Monday, September 28, 2015

Outdoor Learning Field Trip

A pond, the woods, and a field were ours to explore and learn about at Mrs. Magida's property in Middlesex. All four classes had an amazing time and participated in a variety of activities including leaf crowns, seed explore, bugs, structure building, pond life and bark/leaf art. A big thank you to our parent helpers and Mrs. Magida...we had a truly fantastic day of learning together in the outdoors!


Lunch Time!

Morning hike
Leaf Crowns

Written Reflection

Friday, September 18, 2015

Outdoor Learning in the Field

Our O.L. this week brought us to the Thatcher Brook Field. It was a beautiful afternoon and the kids loved looking for insects, spiders, seed pods, flowers, seeds and grasses. We love looking through our hand lenses to observe and notice things we never saw before. Next week is our field trip to Mrs. Magida's property where we will explore more habitats, including the woods, fields, brook and pond.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Outdoor Learning in the Woods

 We continue our Outdoor Learning on Thursday afternoons, this past week we went into the woods behind Thatcher Brook School. We brought magnifying glasses to get up close to trees, plants, leaves, pine cones- so many interesting things to see, and we noticed many patterns in nature! We loved the coolness of the woods, the tall trees and the crickets! We hiked over the hill and followed different paths- we had a great afternoon exploring the woods!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Outdoor Learning at Thatcher Brook

Passing our Talking Stick
We had our first Outdoor Learning (O.L.) afternoon last Thursday. We follow a structure to our afternoon which consists of a Gathering Circle, Share with our Talking Stick, Choice, Activity, Sit Spots and Closing Circle. We are exploring different habitats and our first outing was to Thatcher Brook. The children were so excited and curious about the brook environment- We went on a scavenger hunt and we found crayfish, fish, built structures with stones, listened to birds, observed the moving water, observed insects and flowers, and shared our learning with each other. Next Thursday, we will explore the woods.

Sit Spots
Choice Time
Walking to Thatcher Brook