Thursday, May 10, 2012

     Another fabulous week of first grade! The children have been very busy creating gifts for our mom's/step-mom's/grandma's! Today, Jack's mom and her friend taught us how to make very special gifts you can enjoy all year long! Other projects have included our Dr. Seuss pictures from "Oh The Places You'll Go" and our Chick Life Cycle drawings. 
     We have been taking very good care of the 18 eggs in our incubator! Every day we have to turn them 3x, each student has been assigned that job one day per week. We are also keeping track of the temperature and humidity in our incubator. We are working on Embryology reports which include journal entries and other facts about a chick's life cycle. We are learning many scientific terms such as "embryo", "chalaza", "germinal disc", "air cell" and "incubate". We are on Day 9, with 12 days left until our predicted hatch! If anyone is interested in egg-laying chicks- let me know!
     During our Literacy time, we are learning how to write a Constructive Response. We wrote a response based on Dr. Seuss' "Horton Hatches an Egg". The students worked very hard writing about Horton's promise to take care of the egg using evidence from the story.
     During our Math time we are working with patterns. This unit develops ideas about patterns, sequences, and functions, and are a part of the early algebra foundation integrated into the Investigations curriculum.
     It is hard to believe we have less than 30 school days left of first grade! A few important dates are:
  • End of year Field trip to ECHO: June 13th- more information to come!
  • Spring Celebration: June 15th at 1:00
  • Last Day of School: June 20th

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