Monday, October 1, 2012

Community Field Trip

 What an awesome day! 

We began at Owl's Head Apple Orchard where Farmer Jodi and Will taught us all about apples!


We helped to prepare the apples for sauce and cider and we pressed the apples and enjoyed the freshest most delicious cider! Thank you Owl's Head Orchard!!
Next, we went to Rosina's Dairy Farm! We spent our time in the cow barn where we met many cows! Rosina answered all of our questions and showed us how to milk a cow!

From Rosina's barn to Stonyfield Farms!

Listening to a soon-to-be-born calf!

On to Grow Compost! Here we learned how compost is made...and nature takes care of it all! We learned that inside the compost the temperature can reach 140' F! Those microbes sure generate a ton of heat!

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