Monday, September 2, 2013

Our First Week:

Silly Slime!!    

What a start to our school year! So many new things to learn- our class routines, expectations, activities, games, greetings, closing circle, new friends, new teacher...and we still had time for slime!! One of my favorite curriculum areas to teach is Science- children are natural scientists- they are always asking questions! We talked about what a scientist is and does; we agreed that scientists ask a lot of questions and they wonder “why” alot- then they set up experiments and try to find answers to their questions. That is just what first graders did this past week. We learned about “inquiry”- asking questions and finding answers. We talked about finding information from books and also finding out information by using our observation skills. We participated in two experiments to practice this new concept of inquiry- “The Bubble-Raisin Experiment” and “Silly Slime”! 

     Our Literacy time has focused on two main stories- Chrysanthemum and Wemberly Worried, both by Kevin Henkes. We talked about what a “character” is in a story and what character traits are- we compared characters and described how the characters felt in each of the stories by making  “character webs”.  We made name necklaces that are hanging on our front door as well as name mosaics for our class name bulletin board.

During Math, we have been busy exploring a variety of materials we will use in our Investigations program. We played a name comparison game, which focused on the concepts of more than, less than and equality. We also learned three new strategy games; Three in a Row, Quartet, and Tapatan.

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