Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Final Days of First Grade!

We were a busy bunch for the last few days of school! We ended our Life cycles unit with a study on ducks! We observed (through video) and read about many kinds of ducks; their habitats and eating habits, different functions and structures that help ducks survive, and their first flight! Most important, we learned why ducks don't get wet!
Mrs. Beidermann had her horse truck and trailer at school and invited us to see this amazing set up! She showed us all of the different parts of the trailer and how her horses can be safely transported to different places. We loved exploring!

Our field trip to AppleCheek farm was so fun! We participated in different "stations" where we made butter, went on a scavenger hunt, identified different farm tools, went on a wagon ride and had a picnic lunch. The day was beautiful and we had a real taste of farm life!

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