Friday, September 2, 2016

Our First Week!

A very busy week in Kindergarten! The children worked and played hard all week long!! We have been learning about the routines and expectations for our class as well as how to take care of our classroom supplies, our belongings and each other! We were introduced to many tools such as markers, scissors, crayons, watercolor paint and staplers. We learned about some of the manipulatives in our room that we use for sorting, counting, building and making patterns. We also have had a lot of fun reading stories together that included “We Share Everything”, “Mrs. Bindergarten Gets ready for Kindergarten”, “No David”, “David Goes to School” and many others! We talked about the things that the character David did in the stories and how we behave in our kindergarten class. The children drew great “David” pictures too! Our classroom expectations are to be respectful, be responsible and to be safe. We talked about what those words mean and how we can follow our school codes everywhere we go! 

A few reminders:
●  Please pack a snack everyday!
  •  Check backpacks daily for notes, news, artwork, etc
  • Call the school office for any dismissal changes to your child’s schedule.

    I think that is all for now! Have a wonderful and restful weekend! ­ 
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