Monday, January 20, 2014

Author Study, Characters and Elements of a Story!

Some of our most recent focuses were characters and story elements.  As we were studying Leo Lionni, we analyzed his books and collaborated in small groups to summarize each element.  After reading four of his books this is what we discovered!

Next week, our author study focus will be Mo Willems!  Mo Willems will provide a variety of mentor texts for our continued exploration of opinion writing.  If anyone has any Mo Willems books at home, it would be great to bring them in to share with the class.  

As part of our theme, we are learning about geography and with this, we are focusing on community. We are learning that we are part of many different communities and each community is part of the geography that surrounds us. We are the yellow spot in the middle of the clay creation, from there we will be exploring each layer, school (red), home (green), Waterbury (blue), Vermont (white), United States (grey), North America (brown), and the Earth (orange) which is not added yet.

A blending community:)

We are just one small piece of the many communities we belong to! 

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