Monday, January 27, 2014

Measuring, Maps and Giles Andreae!

We are using our feet as a unit of measurement:)

Measuring with baby feet!

Creating a display for our results...

Very busy mathematicians:)

Chocolate has been very busy visiting her friend's homes each weekend.  Thank you for being a volunteer:)

We are helping the pirates...While learning about maps, we created our own treasure maps!  This week we will be creating salt maps of Vermont.

Hopefully last week will be the last time we have indoor recess for awhile:)  We were very creative with each other while having to stay inside.

This week we will be moving on to Unit 7 of Fundations where we will be learning about glued sounds.  The glued sound this week and next will include ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, and unk.  Try to brainstorm some words with these glued sounds with your student:)

In Investigations (Math), we will continue our journey of measuring as we learn to measure animal jumps!  Maybe you can use different units of measure at home to see how far family members can jump.  We are all animals too!!!

Our author study this week will be Giles Andreae and we will continue developing our skills of identifying character traits and elements of a story.  Just as a reminder, character traits are the words that describe a characters' actions, thoughts, and motivations.  If you were to think of some character traits to describe your student, what would you say?  See if your student can do the same for you...

During Writer's Workshop, we will use collections we have in our classroom and "judge" these collections to identify the winner.  One of the collections we have been using recently is a collection of mugs.  We decided we will use design, texture, and function as our criteria for judging.  These writing adventures help us further develop our ability to form opinions and support them with evidence.  

Today we will be cross country skiing!  Wish us luck:)  Enjoy your week and thank you for being such amazing parents! 

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