Sunday, February 2, 2014

Skiing & Vermont!!

We made it out x-country skiing!! A lot of students were very nervous at first but had so much fun after we finally managed to get our boots and skis on.  Look at all of the fun we had!! 

The first stages of creating our Vermont map.  Mixing, Mixing, Mixing...

Here is our almost final project...

This week we will continue to focus on suffixes, the bonus letter rule, base words, and trickwords in  Fundations.  To continue building the bridge from school to home, playing literacy games such as guess my word, sight word BINGO, Eye Spy with current words, among others can greatly increase fluency and confidence in your learner.

Our current trick words we are trying to master are:

The       As    And    Is   His   Of   As   Has   To   Into   We   He   She   Be   Me   For   Or   You   Your   I   They   Was   One   Said   From   Have   Do   Does

As you are reading with your student see how many sight words you can find in a book you are reading.  Make it fun, try and predict how many there will be before you read the book.  See who has the closer prediction when you reach the end!

During Investigations (Math) we will be exploring Number Games and Crayon Puzzles 
Addition, Subtraction, and The Number System.  Last week we finished measuring animal jumps using a wide array of units.  A few of the units were baby steps, craft sticks, and basketball player footsteps.   This week we will turn our focus 

We will continue refining our opinion writing abilities with regular "Would you rather" prompts.  Last week one of our prompts was, "Would you rather be a rubberband or a pencil?"  Students were able to come up with some great arguments and reasoning.  Tell your student which one you would rather be and why.  A requirement for opinion writing is to always have supporting reasons, so make sure you let your creative juices flow!

Enjoy your week, thank you for being such amazing parents!

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