Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Last Full Week:(

This was supposed to be posted on Monday but somehow it stayed in draft here it is!!

We have been so lucky to have amazing weather for our x-country skiing adventures!  Some of us are attempting new "tricks" such as learning how to cross our skis and fall over, how to zoom down a hill a little faster than our legs are ready for, and how to enjoy being outside on beautiful days!

Hills and Spills...

Follow The Leader

Hills and Spills continued...

Learning about Sound:) Vibrations are everywhere!  Watch out world, we are developing some amazing instruments.

Here is what we KNOW and WHAT WE WANT TO KNOW, at the end of this week we will fill out what we have learned.

Our Valentine's Day bags

More of the creation stations...

This week will unfortunately be my last full week here at Thatcher Brook Primary School.  Ms. Amy and I will have two transition days after our school vacation.

This week we will be wrapping up our exploration of sound.  Students have been experimenting with different objects varying the volume and pitch of their instruments by making a variety of modifications.  Ask your student how sound is made, or what they have noticed about sound when making different types of instruments.  

In Fundations we are learning about blends and digraph blends.  Ask your student what a blend is.  A blend contains two or more consonants but they each make their own sound, such as /s/ and /l/ in the word slip.  a digraph contains two consonants and makes only one sound such as /sh/, /ch/, /ck/, /th/, and /wh/.  Try to brainstorm words together that contain a digraphs and blends.  The word PINK contains the blend NK, BENCH contains the digraph CH, etc.

In Investigations we are diving into telling time.  So many students are very excited about this adventure because it provides them with a sense of independence when they can tell time all by themselves.  We are learning whole hours and 1/2 hours on analog clocks.  Many students have been asking to be challenged to the minute, so we have been slowly introducing how many parts the clock is broken down into.  Ask your student to see if he/she can tell you the time next time you need to know it.  

Our author study this week has been focused on any author who writes about our theme, sound.  We have been reading non-fiction and fiction texts to make many new discoveries about sound.  

In Writer's Workshop we are continuing to polish our skills of opinion writing.  One student asked, "Miss Livingston, are you teaching us how to argue?"  My answer was, "I'm teaching you how to gather evidence and support your answers, sometimes in your life this may be defined as arguing."  It was so great to see the connection made!        

Thank you very much for all of your support inside and outside of this classroom!

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